„Whenever one of my friends has some measure of success, something inside me dies.“ – Gore Vidal

I always found this to be an astounding admission by a great intellectual, though being willing to say it is what makes the statement.

It is possible that many, if not all of us, suffer from envy to some degree. Whatever the level for me, it is mixed with admiration for those who march to their own drummer and are committed to their vision.

I am not a qualified design critic but I know what impresses me, so here are a few nuggets from Icelandic design deserving of some envy.


When Snæfrid Þorsteins first explained her Calendar to me I had a rare moment of epiphany.  You don‘t  just mark time, you see it, and most importantly, you see it slipping away as you go through the year.

Róshildur Jónsdóttir‘s  ‚Something Fishy‘ makes me all too aware how much today‘s children are glued to touch screens and joysticks.  Gluing them bones will make an excellent creative alternative.

Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson‘s Jónófón shows he is tuned in to the creative source –outstanding effort. I am impressed.